How Should You Manage A Drowsy Driver Car Wreck?

As per the NHTSA, drowsy driving causes around 72,000 vehicle accidents each year. If you’ve been in one of these accidents, you might be wondering if you can sue the drowsy driver who caused your incident. This article will go over some key points about accidents caused by a sleepy driver.

Drowsy Driving Risk Factors:

Although drowsy driving is not limited to any one type of driver or event, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has identified numerous risk factors that enhance the likelihood of driver weariness. Drowsy driving is more probable when a motorist hasn’t had enough sleep, has taken sedative drugs, or has consumed alcohol. Tiredness in the driver is much more common after traveling for a long time without stopping or after traveling for a lengthy period without stopping.

Developing Your Case:

Every motorist owes others on the road a responsibility of reasonable care. When drivers get behind the wheel when sleepy or unduly exhausted, they are virtually always accused of violating this responsibility if they cause an accident due to their weary condition.

To get reimbursement for your car accident injuries, vehicle damage, and other losses, you must first establish that the other motorist was at fault. Although drowsy driving is usually always careless, it’s one thing to assume that the other motorist was too tired to drive. The problem is proving it.

A knowledgeable solicitor, such as Brach Eichler Injury Lawyers, will procure the police report, potentially summoning the vehicle’s records and credit card statements. Elicit critical witness testimony in the hours and minutes leading up to the accident to determine whether the driver was awake for too long or displayed signs of drowsiness/inability to drive safely. Expert accident investigators and reconstructionists may also help prove driver tiredness. Recognize how practical a car accident lawyer can be in assisting you in attaining the best potential outcome for your claim.


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