Preventing Hair Loss

Aug 19

Preventing Hair Loss

If you’ve noticed a few more hairs in your brush lately, you might be concerned as to the cause. According to the team at Simply Scalp, hair loss is incredibly common, and there are a lot of things that could be causing you to shed hair more frequently. Here are some of the more common causes of hair loss:

  • Stress – Stress can release hormones that affect your hair’s growth and loss cycle. If you think stress is the cause of your hair loss, take whatever steps work for you to manage the stress before the loss becomes permanent.
  • Poor diet – Your hair needs a balanced diet full of vitamins and minerals so that it can stay healthy. Eating too much junk food and not enough fruits and vegetables can deplete your body of nutrients. When this happens, your hair is likely going to take a hit. Try and eat at least one nutritious meal a day to mitigate the loss.
  • Genetics – If your family has a long history of hair loss, then it’s likely that you’ll face hair loss as you grow older. Unfortunately, there’s not too much that can be done about genetic hair loss.

No matter what caused you to lose some hair, you can rest assured that’s easier now than ever to manage thinning hair. Wigs, hair transplants, and other means of styling hair can hide a balding scalp. If you’re interested in embracing your hair loss, you could always opt to shave your head completely. My Hair Loss Solutions can attest to the rising popularity of shaved heads. Scalp micropigmentation is an easy way to style a shaved head for long periods of time. In fact, shaved heads are quickly coming back in style. This is good news for anyone who needs an excuse to shave their head!

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