Smoking and Hair Loss

Aug 18

Smoking and Hair Loss

Smokers may notice an increased presence of side effects associated with smoking — a higher risk of lung cancer, teeth stains, and bad breath. A less discussed side effect is hair loss.

Check out the post below to find out how smoking cigarettes can lead to hair loss.

Blood Circulation

A classic side effect of smoking is a drop in the quality of your blood circulation. Without an adequate amount of blood flowing to your hair follicles, hair growth is impeded. Lacking the oxygen and minerals they need to thrive, the hair will begin to fall out as a result of poor blood circulation.

A Compromised Immune System

Smoking weakens the body’s immune system, making individuals more susceptible to illness, including illnesses that cause hair loss. These illnesses and conditions such as  infections in the scalp like ringworm.

No matter the condition, a weakened immune system won’t be able to fight it off as effectively and you may notice hair beginning to fall out when brushing your hair taking a shower.

Premature Aging

Anyone who has seen an anti-smoking advertisement knows that many smokers experience premature aging. Long time smokers notice that smoking results in wrinkled skin, age spots, and sagging, giving the impression that they are much older than they actually are.

The rest of the body is prematurely aging as a result of smoking, and it makes sense that the hair would follow suit. Smoking may be simply accelerating the aging process, resulting in hair loss that occurs much sooner than it would normally. While you do have options to combat hair loss, such as medications or scalp micropigmentation services such as Team Micro, the best option is to simply quit smoking. Doing so will not only save your hair, but the rest of your body, too.

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